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Associazione Culturale Zone K · 20 aprile 2016 · ore 22.00



Associazione Culturale Zone K
Via Santa Margherita, 331, Ferrara


da 20 aprile 2016 · ore 22.00


Associazione Culturale Zone K

MERCOLEDI’ 20 APRILE al Circolo Arci Zone K arriva dagli Stati Uniti un’artista incredibile, la polistrumentista Emily Wells per un’UNICA DATA IN EMILIA ROMAGNA in collaborazione con Pentagon Booking!

Emily Wells (born November 20, 1981) is an American multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, arranger, and producer whose genres encompass alternative, experimental, and classical. While initially known for playing violin, she performs with diverse instruments in her work, including cellos, viola, and analog synthesizers. During her live performances she often samples live “using a series of live loops, sample pads and acoustic drums to make rich and haunting neo-gospel with layers of strings and vocal harmonies”; her most recent album features “dramatic, meticulous and gothic song”.
She has largely produced, recorded and performed her solo albums on her own, and after several solo releases, her album Mama was released on Partisan Records in 2012, to a positive critical reception. She has a new full-length album coming out in January 2016, on her own imprint Thesis and Instinct. She has performed live at notable festivals both in the United States and internationally, and collaborated with artists such as Clint Mansell and Questlove.

Ingresso Up To You riservato ai Soci Arci.
Apertura ore 19, inizio concerto ore 22 PRECISE.

Circolo Arci Zone K
Via Santa Margherita 331, Malborghetto Di Boara (FERRARA)
Info-Line: 346.0876998