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Centro Sociale La Resistenza Ferrara · 29 gennaio 2015 · ore 19.30

Thursday I’m in love – Not the Pilot + Bob Corn


Centro Sociale La Resistenza Ferrara
via della Resistenza 32-34, Ferrara


da 29 gennaio 2015 · ore 19.30


Centro Sociale La Resistenza Ferrara

Giovedì della resistenza, sempre con cibo 100% veg accompagnato da ottima musica live!

E anche questo Giovedì evento speciale!
Festeggiamo il compleanno della nostra presidente, aka Mary Lo!!! 🙂

Apericena a partire dalle 19.30
Musica live a partire dalle 21.00

Psychedelic lo-fi duo
Euge: guitars, drums, voices
Max: guitars, drums, voices

Innamorati di Walt Whitman, di Kevin Ayers, della Nuova Zelanda, di Robyn Hitchcock e del vino rosso.


ciao, HELLO… it’s Tiziano Sgarbi… Tizio… Bob Corn.
I live in a little village in Northern Italy’s countryside, where i was born on november 5th, 1968 and where I passed all my life till now. It’s more than ten years that I am involved in the rock music scene, doing different things: organizing shows and festivals, booking tours, driving bands around, running a little label. Trying to do these things in a real DIY way… music and people in the first row. after some personal things happened, I STARTED to make my own music, writing songs and performing shows, calling my self “Bob Corn”. It was the end of 2001… it was something that I had to do. I play simple music lines with an acoustic guitar and sing words about people and love. I like to call my music “sad punk”. In these years I put out six records of my own and PLAYED more than 800 gigs all around Italy and out of this country, sharing the stage with unknown bands as i am or with my favourite artists (Mike Watt, Dinosaur Jr, Calvin Johnson, Explosions in the Sky, Karate, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Sodastream, Xiu-Xiu, SJ Esau… and many more… yes, I am lucky !). and… I’d like to do it again and again, I mean other songs, other records, other shows, other people.