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Circolo arci bolognesi · 13 marzo 2016 · ore 18.30

Sundayoff: OVO


Circolo arci bolognesi
p.tta san nicolò 6a, Ferrara


da 13 marzo 2016 · ore 18.30


Circolo arci bolognesi


OvO has always been one of the most active bands in the worldwide noisy rock scene. They have been known pretty much everywhere through their 700 and more gigs, their large amount of releases, including albums, singles, collaborations, tracks on compilations, dvds, and for their original, unique music. They’re a duo, formed by a little possessed singer and guitar player (Stefania Pedretti) and an enormous drummer who plays a mini-set like it was a full metal drum set. Their masked live performances are legendary, and they’ve played them all over the world, from Mexico to Turkey, from Russia to the US.
What they do is not easy to file. It’s not noise, not metal, not doom, not punk, not rock and roll, even if there’s a little bit of all these. Certainly it’s not free nor avant nor improv. For once, we can really say that it’s a band you can’t file.
After some full lengths on their label Bar La Muerte, they release albums on American labels such as legendary Load records and Blossoming Noise. Since “Cor Cordium” they find home on Supernatural Cat, and so will be for the new album “ABISSO”.
They collaborated or played with the biggest names of contemporary experimental rock music, and they worked for cinema projects (Frankenstein, Nosferatu) and theatre (“Aeneis V” by Lenz).
“ABISSO” is a new stepping stone for the band, that now includes electronic sounds, even if it still doesn’t belong to any specific scene.
Unique and inimitable since 15 years.

Album Discography
2013 Abisso (Supernatural Cat)
2011 Cor Cordium (Supernatural Cat)
2008 CroceVia (Load)
2006 Miastenia (Load)
2004 Cicatrici (Bar La Muerte)
2002 Vae Victis (Bar La Muerte)
2001 Assassine (Bar La Muerte)

Collaboration Albums
OvO/Nadja “ The Life and Death of a Wasp” (2010 Bis Aufs Messer)
OvO RMXD by Daniele Brusaschetto (2009 Blossoming Noise)
OvO/Rollerball “My First Cowboy” (2002 Bar La Muerte)


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LIVE 20.30
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