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Associazione Culturale Zone K · 7 aprile 2016 · ore 22.00

SAROOS (Lali Puna / The Notwist) live


Associazione Culturale Zone K
Via Santa Margherita, 331, Ferrara


da 7 aprile 2016 · ore 22.00


Associazione Culturale Zone K

Un altro evento di assoluto prestigio al Circolo Arci Zone K, GIOVEDI’ 7 APRILE 2016 saranno di scena i Saroos (Germania) con membri di Lali Puna (Band), Notwist e Contriva, in collaborazione con Pentagon Booking!

I Saroos (DE) sono Florian Zimmer (Iso68, Jersey), Christoph Brandner (Lali Puna, Console) e Max Punktzahl (The Notwist, Contriva).

That Saroos still exist and even make music together seems improbable. Ten years ago, Florian Zimmer (of Driftmachine) left the band’s native Munich for Berlin, shortly after Max Punktezahl (of The Notwist, Contriva) relocated to Hamburg while drummer Christoph Brandner (of Lali Puna) stayed in the Bavarian capital. Scattered all over Germany, the trio however manages to lock itself in a studio from time to time and even go on extensive tours they tackle by taking the train. Saroos is founded on a consistent friendship between the three musicians which originally kicked off as an artistic collaboration in 1998, when both Zimmer and Brandner were part of Lali Puna. From there it has slowly evolved into what Saroos is now: An ever changing creative force, which has now been meticulously channelled into their strongest musical statement thus far.
Having already collaborated with Anticon’s Alias and cLOUDDEAD’s Odd Nosdam, »Tardis« sees the trio yet again opening up for a new outside perspective. After mixing Saroos’s third LP »Return«, Tadklimp, who has worked with Fenster and Slow Steve, stepped into the ring and accompanied the trio from the very beginning, contributing to the record’s sound and adding his own ideas to their unique melange of otherworldly sounds. »Tad gave us the feeling that there are no limits«, reflects Punktezahl on the collaboration which marked a crucial shift in how Saroos work. While they
usually would base their composition process on sampling and the interplay of minute elements, they were now able to let their ideas diffuse boundlessly before transforming them in carefully thought out compositions which sit between pop sentiment and the atmospheric gravity of instrumental music.

Apertura ore 20, inizio concerto ore 22 circa.

Circolo Arci Zone K
Via Santa Margherita 331, Malborghetto Di Boara (Ferrara)
Info-Line: 346.0876998